Tuesday, April 24, 2012

blink and you might miss me *zooms past*

trust me to make the promise of more regular posts and find myself not able to keep it (yet).  To my regular visitors I am so sorry :(

We are on the tail end of school holidays here which turned out to be incredibly busy (but also fun for the most part) and I am hoping all will return to normal so that I might be able to blog a bit more often.

Think of me this week, I have my mother visiting from the Eastern states  which is always a source of mega-stress for me. This time she's not even staying with me but I doubt I will stress less because of it.

More later....
Thanks for popping by :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just quickly...

popping in and out today to tell you I saw that the company that I had an interview with a few weeks back is advertising for one of the stores I registered my interest in. I don't know whether this position is being re-advertised or if a new one has become available.

The big difference in the ad was that it stated that "Flexibility over a 7 day period is essential."

This is what has stopped me from re-applying as I am not that flexible, simply because I have a life and other people in it and would have to move heaven and earth to organise baby sitters etc to be available.

And it occurred to me...

1. It's kind of unfair to ask a person to be available full-time but only offer them part-time work

2. maybe because I wasn't available 7 days a week was why I missed out the first time (but in saying that I did state I was available 4 full days per week including weekends which I thought was quite reasonable)

In any case I feel a bit more justified about not applying again and a bit better about possibly knowing why they didn't pick me in the first place.... I have a big problem with beating myself up about having to know WHY you see LOL

so now I'm satisfied... for the time being

Onto topics unrelated...

Happy Easter everyone!!!