Monday, December 3, 2012

October & November 2012 - No I'm Not Dead

Oops! I've done it again. I got half way through November and still hadn't posted for October so I thought I'd do October and November together.  And I know it's only the 3rd of December but if I didn't pull my finger out and write something, I knew I wouldn't be updating until the New Year.

I am happy to say that much of the reason why I haven't been posting here is because I've been writing my other stuff. If I don't get it down when it is screaming inside my head it gets lost and it's been very noisy of late. Recently I gave myself a deadline to have something that I was happy with ready for a date I'd set to catch up with a good friend so she could take a look. I had already shown her an outline and this time I wanted to show her more of the actual story. It ended up a few scenes that will end up somewhere in the middle of the story, since then I've been working on what happens before and after.

It was an extremely nerve wracking experience, I have an awful habit of down playing and rubbishing my own work (ie pointing out all the faults I see) so to avoid this as much as possible I ducked out of the house while she read to pick up our pizza.

Her response was very positive and she's the kind of friend who doesn't bullshit to save your feelings so hers is an opinion I trust. And this initial response has spurred me on, I am trying to write a bit each day. Some days, of course it's not possible. Things are getting crazy with all the end of year commitments but writing is a nice escape.

I've done a lot of reading and tv / movie watching as well. Forgive my super brief reviews.


Rock of Ages: I seriously didn't expect this to be a musical. The trailer intrigued me but I'm not a fan of Tom Cruise so was conflicted. At the end of the day, I liked it even with Tom in it. There was enough humour in it to keep me going.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure: I decided the kids really needed to see one of Mummy's favourite movies and happily they liked it (though some of it flew over their heads, not a bad thing). Now when the kids argue I tell them to "Be Excellent To Each Other" hehe. Daggy Mum jokes are my specialty

Think like a man: i think that's what it's called, the fact that I can't be bothered checking might give you an idea of how much this movie meant to me. It was pretty boring, the funny bits were not funny enough. Meh

Puberty Blues: The 1980's film adaptation of the Australian teen novel. This year a tv adaptation was released here in Australia as well and both are great. Well worth a watch. Hubby surprised me when he told me that this movie had been one of his favourites back in the day.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: having read the book, I was keen to see the film and see how they would adapt it and I liked what they did. The movie was fast paced and didn't get bogged down as much as the book.

 The Campaign: very entertaining veg out comedy :)

Cosmopolis: at 10 minutes in, I was like WTF??? Hubby insisted we give it a bit more time but we were still WTF??? so we fast forwarded a bit to see if it improved any and the answer was no sadly, it did not.  we never finished it :(

Brave: love a good kids movie and Merida is a gutsy character :)

Hotel Transylvania: for the kids again but I liked the humour... "Scream cheese" still tickles me :)

Magic Mike: what can I say? I had to re-watch, this time with Hubby. He actually didn't mind it either :)

Breaking Bad Season 1 & 2: why didn't I start watching this earlier???

Puberty Blues: a great nostalgia trip back to the late 70's / early 80's. The fashion, decor and language is fascinating.

Revenge Season 2: not quite as captivating as season 1, I'm hoping it gets better.

Supernatural Season 1: again why is it only now that I'm discovering this show???

The Walking Dead Season 3: OMG I hate the Governor!

American Horror Story Seasons 1 & 2: this show is fascinating! at first it scared the bejeezus out of me then I got acclimatised and Wow!

Reflected in You by Sylvia Day: follow up to Bared to you. I am addicted to this story!

Rapture by Lauren Kate: the final installment of the Fallen series and frankly I was a bit disappointed. The characters were lacking in their emotion and the whole adventure / mission was predictable. There was very little suspense. Everything was tied up in a neat bow at the end but what annoyed me most was they had an awesome antagonist character, who I really liked and expected to play a major role in the series after the first book and expected to find out more of his story and he didn't end up doing much at all.

Delilah's Diary by Jasinda Wilder: a little bit of fluff to read, it ended abruptly with a lot of questions unanswered but then I found out that there are more parts to the series. not sure if I will bother to continue with the series yet.

Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick: a lot of this installment of the hush hush series felt like more of the same of the first book. it only got slightly more interesting at the end. enough for me to continue...

Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick: book 3 in the hush hush series,  this was a lot better. I can't stand it when we are not given much insight into the male lead character ( mainly because the story is told from the female lead's perspective) and it was good to get to know Patch a bit better. I've invested enough time in this series to see it through to the end so onto  Finale...

And that's about it, I hope I haven't lost the few readers I once had... forgive me. Take care and if I don't "see" you before Christmas, hope you have a good one. Sending you lots of warm fuzzies x x x