Monday, February 25, 2013

I do, in fact, mind

long time time, no write I know.  Truthfully I just could not face another "so this is what I've been up to" blog post. Maybe another time, we'll see.

Really I'm only posting now because I need to vent / rant / carry on like a pork chop, take your pick... so if you'll indulge me a little.

I don't know about you but there are some things in a relationship that never change, some are good like the way my dear Hubby can make me laugh like no one else can... a really hearty sidesplitting laugh that leaves me gasping for breath afterwards... all from stuff that no one else will ever "get" except for us.

Then there are not so good things, every relationship has them... from a niggling little irk that rubs you the wrong way to deal breaker stuff.

I have a niggling issue with my dear one that will drive me bananas till the day I die, I'm sure.  And it's not just the issue itself that is so maddening but the fact that while everyone else around us can, my darling can not (or perhaps will not) see it.

I will not go into specifics as I'm a believer that everything I write here should be available for Hubby to read even though I know he doesn't.

I'm simply fed up with the assumption that has been made up to this point that if we don't argue or even talk about this splinter of a problem, that all is OK and he can go ahead and do what he wants.

I DO, in fact, MIND

PS: I thought I should perhaps clarify that in this case we have already "discussed" the issue (read that as  said "discussion" ending in a stalemate as it always does). 

The assumption I'm talking about above is that after our "discussion"  has ended and the dust has settled (in albeit uneasy truce but by no means forgotten), he interprets this as his green light to proceed because apparently I'm over it and everything is back to being fine.

The issue remains, same as always and still friggin' unresolved GAH!