Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It's been how long?

I just found out  that blogger has an app. How cool is that?   Perhaps this is the incentive I need to keep up a regular blog posting habit ?
3 months on from my last post and a LOT has happened. 
I dislocated my patella. ... did I tell you that already?   Well it's been a long recovery. ... I'm still not walking normally but am almost there.  Building muscle strength has been challenging. 
I will inevitably need surgery but at this stage it is not an emergency so my hope is to delay it until I have enough holiday leave built up to take the necessary time off. 
In the meantime I am being very careful when I move about. If it dislocates again then my surgery will have to be moved forward.
I've moved into my new house and we all survived.... barely.
I've been to Bali on holiday. ... booked and paid for before my injury so damn I still had to go! LOL.  It was wonderful and was just what the family and I needed after all the upheaval of moving.
I'm slowly getting back to writing. ... I wasn't in the right head space for a long time but I'm finding my groove again.   I've also decided that I need to fully overhaul my story and change its perspective to first person.
It is flowing so much better now. .... making me think why didn't I do that earlier! ?!
We live and learn hey?
OK so I must go for now.  Just wanted to touch base again.... if you're still out there that is.  Thanks heaps if you are xo