Sunday, March 21, 2010

getting back on track

oooooh er!!!
i didn't intend being away so long but life got busy

we've now experienced the joys of head lice, Miss 5 came home scratching like mad one Friday afternoon and now I am quite adept at the art of nit combing.... not that it's a skill I'll be putting on my resume any time soon.

I've been slowly scratching away at the weeds / unwanted grass in the driveway garden bed, have so far filled 2 garden garbage bags but I've a long way to go.... the weather hasn't been great for spending time in the garden, hot and humid... I only last about half an hour before I'm all headachey.

And the neighbours over the fence appear to be less than impressed (even though it was they who were concerned about the bushes wrecking the fence). A friend who pops by in the morning so our kids can walk to school together told me one morning the woman next door stomped over and stood in our driveway, hands on hips surveying the situation before stomping back home. Other neighbours have asked what happened to the trees but accepted our reasons, these people haven't said a word.

Really there's nothing to get into a huff about as far as I can see but I can feel the vibe so it's weird... you know?

This week, little Poss has been down and out with a gastro bug which she lovingly shared with Hubby and I, we were not too bad thank goodness and it appears to have gone completely now. A bug like that really throws all routine out the window though with all attention focussing on looking after the kids.

But I think we're back on track (though school hols are fast approaching bringing a whole new bag of distractions but lets not get ahead of ourselves )
Hubby starts annual leave this Thursday and I've told him we have to (HAVE TO!!!!) finish painting the dining room by the end of next weekend. We have friends coming in the school holidays and it would be nice to have at least the living areas of the house looking how I want them.

On the clutter maintenance side of things, it's been tricky.... my 'puter desk very easily slides back into chaos and I have discovered after giving my bedroom a general tidy that it makes me feel a lot better when my own personal space looks good. And it's not all my fault.... I have other people here perfectly capable of putting things away properly but who prefer to dump their stuff willy nilly. That will have to change

So many more baby steps to take, won't matter as long as I stay on the path

Hubby & I are in discussions about getting someone in to clear that garden bed and sort out the retic. Perhaps not the most economical way to deal with the problem but then I never claimed to be aiming at saving buckets of money. We are not the sort to lash out all the time and this in our view would be money well spent....

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