Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Me Time - January 2011


Dead In The Family by Charlaine Harris
book 10 of The Southern Vampire Mysteries
Just like all the others I loved this one. Sookie is a great female character, for the most part she's strong but she's not afraid to admit to her weaknesses and I love her matter-of-factness.
I'm also very pleased to find that book 11, "Dead Reckoning" is out in May 2011

Torment by Lauren Kate
the second in the Fallen series
the story of fallen angels is what I'm attracted to here. I'm enjoying it but am not as hooked as I am to the Sookie Stackhouse books. I like the main female character Luce in this book too, she's doomed (for lack of a better word) to her fate but she's still bucking the system. The final book in the series is Passion with no release date announced as yet*.

Inception - clever but not really that interesting

Wild Target - mildly amusing

The Social Network - interesting but what is fact or fiction? is he really that much of an @rsehat?

Black Swan - bizarre, reality blurred with fantasy leaving me feeling very sad for the girl in the end. the dancing was beautiful.


Sons of Anarchy (season 1 incomplete) - very different to my usual viewing but I can't stop

Carnivale' (season 1 & 2) - captivating right to the end but I, like many before me, felt a bit cheated with said end. The series apparently was meant to run over 4 seasons but was reduced to 2 and left too many loose threads to satisfy me completely. I found some relief in the show's Wiki page which discussed the creators intention for the future of some of the characters but it didn't cover everything

*Correction I stuffed up! Passion is not the final book in the Lauren Kate series... I just read on her facebook page she's begun plotting Rapture, the fourth and final book in the Fallen series. I guess I just imagined it was a trilogy DOY!

Friday, January 21, 2011

When words are not enough

Yesterday was my birthday

And rather than blather on about how much I love having a birthday (and I really do love birthdays) I just wanted to say that I have the most lovely husband who makes me feel so special and loved.

And I am humbled by his love and can only hope that what I feel for him is mirrored in my actions.

Thankyou my darling x

Monday, January 10, 2011

My new love...

My own special Santa gave me a Kindle for Christmas

I love books and I will probably still buy hardcopies of titles I can not live without but my nifty new gadget is lovely to hold, lovely to read (it's not backlit so it's easy on the eyes) and conveniently holds more books than I ever hope to read in my lifetime.

Seems I've finally discovered my gadget geek within

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 - another fresh start

I thought I should put in an appearance just in case anyone is still reading. Drop me a line if you are... just so I know you're there. It's been 6 months since the last time I confessed blogged so I get it that many have not stuck around.

Happy New Year!!! albeit a belated wish now but it's heartfelt ;)

I have thought about making a new years resolution but the trouble is I know myself and my track record at keeping such resolutions and it isn't good so I thought I might tell you about an idea that struck a chord with me last year... from Dr Phil no less. Yes I watch his show, not everyday but a lot of the time and I do like what he has to say. He makes perfectly reasonable points about human behaviour and how people should treat each other.

Anyway one day he said, " What can I do today to make her life better?"

To give it context, he was talking to a husband who did not see the value of what his wife did at home for their family, he thought it was his right to put his feet up the minute he walked in the door from work, while she still ran around after the kids, making dinner etc etc etc
Dr Phil quite rightly pulled him up on his attitude and using himself as an example told the man this is the question he asked of himself each day... what could he do to make his wife's (Robyn) life better.

That question is still bouncing around in my head, months later

And it's not just one that husbands should be asking, it's everyone in the family and I am trying hard to use it as my daily life philosophy. Gives me something to think about before I act.

What do you think?