Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 - another fresh start

I thought I should put in an appearance just in case anyone is still reading. Drop me a line if you are... just so I know you're there. It's been 6 months since the last time I confessed blogged so I get it that many have not stuck around.

Happy New Year!!! albeit a belated wish now but it's heartfelt ;)

I have thought about making a new years resolution but the trouble is I know myself and my track record at keeping such resolutions and it isn't good so I thought I might tell you about an idea that struck a chord with me last year... from Dr Phil no less. Yes I watch his show, not everyday but a lot of the time and I do like what he has to say. He makes perfectly reasonable points about human behaviour and how people should treat each other.

Anyway one day he said, " What can I do today to make her life better?"

To give it context, he was talking to a husband who did not see the value of what his wife did at home for their family, he thought it was his right to put his feet up the minute he walked in the door from work, while she still ran around after the kids, making dinner etc etc etc
Dr Phil quite rightly pulled him up on his attitude and using himself as an example told the man this is the question he asked of himself each day... what could he do to make his wife's (Robyn) life better.

That question is still bouncing around in my head, months later

And it's not just one that husbands should be asking, it's everyone in the family and I am trying hard to use it as my daily life philosophy. Gives me something to think about before I act.

What do you think?


The Brave said...

Nice to see you are still blogging. Ithought I would fire up the old boiler once more myself. I am hoping to make a concientious effort to be diligent with my writing in 2011. I have needed to get back into it and though I am a bit rusty, I am hoping to push on. How about you?

shishyboo said...

well I was thinking new year, new start... trying to blog maybe once a week even if its just blurb until i get back into the swing of things... facebook all but destoyed my will to blog in 2010... so much easier to jot down a sentence then construct a post

fingers crossed I have something interesting to say ;)