Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 2012

Hi Beautiful People :)

February has been a bit weird time wise. It's been a busy month that has flown by and January feels like 6 months ago!

So I'm back into the kid's school & dancing routine. Miss 3 is now at the stage where she is ready for Kindergarten but not old enough (she's due to start Feb next year) so I've tried to add extra activities into the weekly mix for her.

She now does one morning a week at a playgroup at Miss 7's school and thinks she's the bees knees because she "goes to school" too. It's great that she loves it, totally awesome... the downside is it's not so fun for me. It's truly just not me, I'm not the type of girl who needs to meet with other mums and effectively compare our children while they play. I already know my kids are awesome! I just cringe when I see these overpowering personalities altogether in the same room, all trying to out do each other. I found myself having some very uncharitable thoughts *ooh er!* But still I will take Miss 3 "to school", she loves it and I think enjoys having me hanging out with her.

LOL Seems I always have something to have a whinge about hey?

So what else?
Well some big news is that Lady Gaga is coming here in July and I managed to get tickets! I am going with a good friend, both our hubbys had the same look of horror and comment when we told them (separately) that we were going. "I don't have to go do I?" Funny boys LOL
Now we have to come up with something to wear... obviously it wouldn't do to turn up dressed "normal", so we're thinking hard... any suggestions are welcome and greatly appreciated :)
Valentines Day is not a huge event in our house, Hubby wrote a sweet note on my whiteboard before he went to work in the morning and we had a nice family dinner with all the trimmings that night. Oh and Hubby also cooked me a lovely breakfast on the Sunday before in honour of Valentines Day. Hubby can be very romantic when he wants to be but likes to do so on his own terms rather than on the day where you supposedly have to be and I reckon fair enough.

Every day we have some special little moment and that's far more important I think.

I had a Remedial Massage as well. This time with a new therapist and he was great. I have incredibly flat feet and have had no end of trouble recently and it affects my posture so I went with the hopes he could help out. With the one treatment I could feel an improvement but I felt and he agreed that more was needed so I plan to go more often. Luckily we can claim a portion of the fees on our insurance, it all helps! Must remind myself to sit up straight too, I am such a sloucher!

I have really got stuck into doing more creative writing. I have had many sleepless nights this month, blame that on the heat, the full moon, PMT... you name it! And then one night the premise that's been tumbling about my brain for ages finally took on a more tangible form... would it sound tacky if I said it came to me in a dream? LOL well it kinda did I guess.... no matter... it gave me enough to really plough into the story line. It's just carried on from there and it's making me really happy :)

I am still job hunting, the odd position pops up that sounds interesting and worth applying for. I have tried various styles of cover letters, dependant on who the job is with. I find it so hard writing letters that effectively say "pick me! pick me!"  it just goes against my nature I guess but you must be in it to win it... I will keep at it


The Three Musketeers (2011)
This was very easy to watch, not fabulous but not awful either. The costumes etc are great! and I liked seeing Orlando Bloom play a very entertaining villain

Real Steel
I didn't have high expectations for this film and so wasn't overly disappointed or surprised at how cheesy and predictable it was. Having said that, the special effects were great. I wasn't keen on Hugh Jackman though, he just didn't seem to be able pull off the rough deadbeat dad character or the accent very well.

2 movies the kids love that been on high rotation here are...

Hairspray (2007) the version with John Travolta playing Mrs Turnblad. I find myself stopping to watch a bit as I pass through the room. I love Christopher Walken, he is so funny

Puss In Boots or as Miss 3 insists... "Cat in Boots", I have not sat down and watched this film from beginning to end yet but it's been played so often I reckon I have seen most scenes. I'm not sure that kids get a lot of the humour in movies like this but it is pretty funny in places and if Miss 3 is anything to go by there must be something good to keep her going back to watch it again and again.


love a good supernatural themed show and this is pretty interesting

love this show! it's like Glee for grown ups. I'm seeing Jack Davenport in a completely new (and attractive) light... love the salt and pepper hair!

Eternal Law
this UK show is an interesting look at angels on earth, here they are lawyers... there are both good and bad (fallen) ones. I can't say it's captivating me but it's not bad... the angel theme is what's keeping me watching.


Her Dark Angel by Felicity Heaton
This is a short easy read. I liked the premise and how it was written from both the main characters perspectives and the sex scenes are sizzling!
But I was hoping for more, the story had enormous potential to expand and develop both the characters and their adventures.  I was left wanting to know what happened next...         There are other books in the series but from what I understand they are unrelated stories. Still I think it might be worth reading some more by this author

And that's me again for another month, it looks as though I've been getting a few more direct hits regularly here which is awesome. Thanks for stopping by and please don't hesitate to comment and say hi.

Talk to you again soon x o x o


Ms Smack said...

hahaha 'we don't have to go, do we?" that made me laugh.

And you SHOULD definitely go to remedial massage regularly.

If only for the time out!

I've blogged again too.


jeanie said...

Oooh - best luck on turning that dream/idea/kernel of inspiration into something tangible!

Do you also see a podiatrist? V has regular pod appointments and they help him. Glad the massage helped.

jeanie said...

I tried to comment, but it got lost in the great "comment moderation looks like a vomit" challenge.

shishyboo said...

Thanks Ladies!

I will keep up the massage, it's funny how with my posture correcting, my feet feel wrong.

The next step is a podiatrist but I really don't want orthotics... a shoe with a good arch support (ie runners) does the job most of the time. I irritated my foot trying zumba bare foot at home, so it's my own fault. I knew exercise was bad for me hehe!

Jeanie love your expression kernel of inspiration :)

PS I moderate my comments which is why they don't appear straight away