Monday, August 18, 2014

I bought myself a pineapple

of the white ceramic variety.

I've wanted one for ages just because but wasn't prepared to pay $40 for a pineapple at an artsy home decorations store, then on the weekend when I was killing time while Miss 9 was at dancing, I found one in Kmart for $9.

Sold to the lady with nothing better to do than impulse buy hehe.

Still, this pineapple makes me happy and that's a good thing.

My new found zest for decluttering is not at all zesty.

I've done a kitchen drawer and under the sink and thrown a few things out from the bathroom so far.  It's a start but by no means makes my home look or feel any different.  Bummer.

Yesterday was sunny so I weeded the back garden a little.  I managed to fill our garbage bin and decided that would be enough,  it's not done yet but again it's a start.

My book is keeping me awake at night,  I am working on it a little every night, chipping away.  It's grown by about 9K words so far which I find incredible and there's so much more to do.  It might end up being a novel rather than a novella after all.

OK, well gotta go... domestic duties call

Thanks for popping by.  Will check back in soon.  x o x o

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