Wednesday, April 7, 2010


sounds promising doesn't it?

and Yes! I have good news to report

Hubby & I got stuck into it and finished painting the dining room, with the both of us working it only took the better part of a day. He prepped and sanded, I washed the walls. I did the cutting in and he did the rollering. Done in a jiffy! And it looks a million times better, that puky yellow was really bringing us down
*big cheesy smiles*

Next painting project will be the laundry, probably when school goes back from hols. We've also decided to put some cupboards on the wall in there and replace the handy homemade wooden bench with a longer, even handier and more aesthetically pleasing bench. Should look great when it's all done.

Yesterday the bobcat fairy visited us and dug out all the stumps from our pruning efforts from a while back and the his friend, the stump grinding fairy also popped in and completely anilhilated the rubber tree stump... all in an hour. It would have taken us a lifetime.

Step 2 of the garden will be sorting out the retic then I think we're going to lay weed mat before planting and we're still debating whether to have pea gravel or mulch.... this will depend largely on $$$. I meant to have a photo of our empty garden bed to display but haven't taken it yet and it's dark right now so maybe I'll do a post with a step by step in photos of it all later down the track when I've got something spiffy to show you.

Having Hubby home has it's advantages (aside of the obvious ;) He has been bitten by the declutterbug too and has been ruthlessly sorting out the shed(s). Oh man the stuff we found! The stuff we forgot we even owned!
I knew we had a few bags of toys that have needed sorting for a long time.... stuff Miss 5 had outgrown but might be good for Poss and I had to be ruthless too. We simply do not have the space for more toys... especially soft toys. My girls only have one or 2 very special cuddly toys that they are attached to and the rest mean very little to them, so off they went to the charity shop.

Man it feels good to purge all that stuff. Stuff that we simply didn't need and didn't miss. There's still so much more to do but I am pleased that we've made significant progress

*more big cheesy grins*

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Anonymous said...

I'm impressed! And envious! And wish I could report the same progress here!