Sunday, May 23, 2010

mousecapades and other unrelated issues

Let me be up front.... very little has been accomplished with the decluttering

A short while back, I spat the dummy, I felt more like the maid around here than anything else and now that I look back I've been kind of on strike every since.

Don't get me wrong I do stuff, but I'm not busting my gut right now. I do get a bit more help at times by other inhabitants but that's something that has to be managed on an almost daily basis. Let's just say if I wrote a list of things that needed doing, they would get done.... to the letter in fact but no more, no less. I'm after a bit of initiative here but it's slow in coming. I'll keep working at it.

Anyhow, I've felt rather unmotivated (via feeling unappreciated), we've had back to back colds for some time now... only now just clearing up but now I'm getting a lot of headaches (a new bug perhaps?). We've also had a hard week with Poss teething to the extreme, her last 4 teeth to come through all decided to come through in a week. So we've had sleepless nights, worrying high temperatures and one very sooky little babe.

That's passed now, thank goodness and she's back to her bright, perky little scamp self.

We've got mice. In our roof space. (If you're my friend on FB, you'll have read about the adventures of Squeak) We've caught 2 but it's likely there are more. We shall keep setting the traps in hopes that will get rid of them all soon. It has been cause for a bit of excitement around here though.... and a learning experience for Miss 5. I didn't sugarcoat it for her and told her straight that the traps were meant to kill the mice. She insisted she wanted to see the last one we caught... all very interesting to a 5 year old I guess. She was suitably grossed out but I doubt it will give her nightmares.

Hubby and I had last weekend away, just us, no kids. It was bliss and helped with my funk of mehness. We actually went out at night.... to a nightclub even!!! It was very different to anything I went to in my very short lived nightclubbing days. Aimed at over 25's, they played cool old (and I mean old, not 80's and 90's) music, fabulous cocktails and live entertainment... a magician, go-go dancers and a very funky house band.

We also went to the Art Gallery of Western Australia.... specifically to see their latest exhibition Patricia Piccinini: Relativity, we do not go to the gallery often but when looking for things to do in the city we came across info about this exhibition and it peaked our interest. The realism of the some of sculptures is quite unnerving. It took every fibre in my being not to reach out and touch.

And that's me to date, I have vague plans of stepping up to the plate again with my game face on and getting stuck into the muddle I call home. Miss 5's room is in great need of a weeding, so I may start there tomorrow..... we'll see

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