Tuesday, May 4, 2010

teeny tiny steps: Poss' Room

Motivation has been seriously depleted over the past few weeks.... the cold and flu season has us in it's grip. No sooner do we get over one bout then another steps into it's place.

So I am tired ( so so tired) and am not in the decluttering mood

However..... Just over a week ago (when I was feeling moderately better.... must have been in between sniffles) I tackled Poss' room.  I intend painting it (in the future) and with that in mind I've been guilty of letting it go... and then it got out of hand. It became a place to keep piles of clothes that Miss 5 had ougrown and needed sorting before storing what was good enough to be kept. Suffice to say I hadn't quite got around to that bit.

Then it got to the point where Poss didn't like her play pen anymore, in fact she found she could pretty much get to where she wanted but technically still be confined by pushing it around. So we changed the pen's configuration and it is now a fence (with a gate) that separates the kitchen and dining room from the rest of the house. Now Poss can explore.... but I do like to keep our bedroom, the laundry and bathroom doors all shut so she doesn't get into to too much mischief.

But it didn't seem fair that she couldn't play in her own room... so it was time to harness the power of guilt and sort it out. Surprisingly it didn't take all that long and it was very liberating to get rid of some of the baby things we don't use anymore. We also got rid of a lot of toys that are really just too big for our small place... Poss' childcare centre did very well out of us, taking our play tent (bought for Miss 5 who got the use out of it but now with 2 kids and more stuff there really isn't any space at home) and an outdoor tunnel thingy (a friend gave it to us when her kids were done with it, it is fantastic but again so big and our yard can not accommodate it and a trampoline) among other bits and pieces. I figured at least Poss can play with those things there whereas she wouldn't have at home.

There are still some things to sort out in the cupboard in Poss' room and that will happen in due course but it is now a place for her to play in.... her room not the cupboard ;)

 mind you like all kids she's prone to dragging her things out of her room and into the loungeroom and playing there... but that's life

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