Saturday, March 5, 2011

de-clutter efforts for February 2011

School went back and my computer desk was suddenly a mess again... what the!?!

I've been battling with routines this month; trying to get back into them (school runs), trying to establish new ones (re-inventing bedtime for Poss now that she's moved into a big bed). It's been a bit insane really.

And we've had a heatwave which has pretty much lasted the entire month, it has sapped every ounce of my physical and mental strength.

Suffice to say housework has definitely not been my priority this month!

Having said that on the hot but not excruitiatingly hot days...

I had a tidy of my undies drawer, which is only half filled with actual underwear, the rest of the space is filled with STUFF, all manner of stuff! Including a gazillion receipts, I've kept them just in case but then forgotten to clear them out when I didn't need them any longer. And I found 20 bucks which I didn't know I had! Woo Hoo! That little bonus made my effort worthwhile :)

One night when I was bathing the kids, I had a fossick around in our bathroom cupboard and tossed away lots of lotions and potions that we will never use. I detest the little bottles of shampoo and conditioner from hotels and therefore never like to pilfer them from the room but Hubby manages to pop them into our bag anyway.


So now I tend to ditch them once we get home when no one is looking. Lots of them (gawd knows how old!) will make their way to our local tip this month. It was good to have a bit of an organise in this cupboard, I've found all the spare bathroom essentials I've bought and forgotten we had and so bought again so we're all stocked up for a while :)

Oh and I found some little bits and pieces will be perfect to pass onto Miss 6's school for their Mother's Day fundraiser stall, you never know I may just get them back again LOL.

And you may recall me dithering about what to do with our unwanted baby stuff? well, we decided one Sunday to have a crack at getting rid of it at a local Swapmeet. We sold some stuff but nowhere near all of it and I was surprised to see it wasn't the really good clothes that sold (and we weren't asking much) but at the end of the day it wasn't about the money, moreso the clearing of space. From the left overs I've worked out what will go to charity and what will be offered to my little niece (and I will be clear that I don't want to see it on eBay! yes I went there!)

I have higher hopes for March, fingers crossed.... I don't want 2011 to be the year of excuses :/

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