Sunday, April 10, 2011

Me Time - March 2011


Dinner for Schmucks - funnier than I expected. Loved the play dead theory

Burlesque - I didn't have high hopes for this film so I wasn't overly disappointed by the terrible acting and cheesy storyline. It was the costumes and make up that drew me to the film and really did it for me


The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest by Steig Larsson  - I get that everything that characters are doing, the background stories etc all have a point but I find myself floundering in the mass of information. I am halfway through and truthfully I am looking forward to finishing this book... to reach what I assume (and hope) will be an amazing ending and to move onto something a little lighter

On other fronts, I used a birthday massage voucher this month. I have found the most amazing remedial massage therapist close to home who manages to work miracles for me. I was feeling a cold coming on and went to her on a day where I ached all over. I had debated with myself whether it was a good idea to go when feeling so shite but I was determined to have some relaxation, cold or not. I don't really understand how she does it (she's right into the spiritual side of things which I don't really get but I am trying) but I walked out with loads of energy, my cold and associated aches gone!

Oh and I travelled to visit my parents with my little ones... I wouldn't for a second call that "me" time. It was a change of scenery and an opportunity to catch up with rellies. One indulgence that I insist upon when I go though is to stock up on Haighs chocolates. They are quite simply to die for in my book :)

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