Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oct 2011

Hi there!
October has been a bit mad. Both my kids seem to have jumped to their next "stage" and I'll be honest... I'm struggling. All the shouting at home when they're together has really REALLY been getting me down.

Plus we've been busy with birthdays and gardening and school holidays... what I wouldn't give for some peace and quiet!!!

But I'm not here to moan (much!) so onto my "me" time which is a far nicer topic

Finally I finished my octopus....

and made some "coral & sea anemones" for Hubby's birthday party underwater bar

 We went to a party supply wholesaler and got lots of decorations so it's all coming together. Next on the list is to sort out what food we want to serve (all finger food) so any ideas you can share would be appreciated :)

lots of eye candy, lots of awesome CGI, lots of room for a sequel... loved it!

Green Lantern
yeah the story didn't really grab me, never mind :/

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2
Finally I watched it and it was a bittersweet experience. It was great but I think I had bigger expectations though I couldn't tell you exactly what I would change. The whole 19 years on scene didn't appeal to me but it didn't in the book either and I'm sad that it's over :(

The Fades
I highly recommend this UK show! The first episode was a bit slow, confusing & creepy but once the storyline became clear in subsequent episodes it was awesome! It ends with a big opening for a second series, can't wait!

The Walking Dead
This show keeps me in a constant state of cringing on the edge of my seat. I could not watch it without Hubby by my side. Seriously I find it that scary... but I LOVE IT!!!

Doc Martin
I just can not get enough of his brusque manner, it is hilarious :)

The Vampire Diaries Season 2
It's a little tacky but so good when you want something easy to watch.


Game of Thrones... still. Edging closer to the end. When I'm done I'm going to need something a lot lighter to read, the sheer detail in the book is wonderful but exhausting. I've been downloading lots of free books to my Kindle via a page on Facebook "New Free Books for Kindle" none of the books I've ever heard of and many seem to be romances but I figure it's worth a look and if they're no good I can delete them none the worse for wear.

I've started up a Tumblr account if you're interested... probably the best way to describe it would be it's mostly of pictures that inspire me in some way and are helping me visualise my creative writing. The writing side of things is a tad slow at the moment, lots going on in my head but not much making it's way to paper. That I hope will all change once I've cleared my calendar , it's such a busy time right now!

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