Wednesday, January 4, 2012

December 2011

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years and managed to get some R & R somewhere in amongst it all.

I am happy to report that I did! Yay!

For the first time in many years Hubby was not required to return to work the day after Christmas ( a change of jobs helped there) and so as a family we had 10 days off together. We didn't officially go anywhere but the in laws headed interstate after Christmas and we house & doggy sat for them and it was not without it's perks... the swimming pool was right there for swims anytime we felt like it, Christmas leftovers to save us cooking ... and pay TV too (a novelty for us as we don't have it at home, you wouldn't be able to prise me away from it if we did! hence why we don't have it LOL)

So we did in effect have a "holiday", I got a little too used to taking a sneaky nap and it kind of ate into my planned reading and movie time... ah well I think I needed it!

It did get to a point though that I needed my own bed again, it is always the way with me and we had New Years Eve plans that were closer to our own home so we packed up doggy and returned home. *sigh* the sense of holiday was over but it was so nice to snuggle in my own bed again (and the kids sleep better at home too which makes everything better)

Now to find a home for all the new gifts... truly my house is a sh!t fight... I know I said I was going to stress less about mess but it's time to put a bit of effort in to keep it comfortable for everyone.... having said that I am not getting a lot done, motivation is scarce especially when I have 2 young cyclones tailing me undoing my good work.

But onto more fun topics... yes! It's ME TIME time LOL


I started Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb the second novel in The Farseer Trilogy. I loved the first novel Assassin's Apprentice and the second novel has kept the pace and intrigue. I'm not terribly far into it but I am enjoying it thoroughly.

As an aside I also started reading Erotic Hauntings: The Haunted Houses of Pussy Willow Manor by Kevin Guest, it popped up as a freebie from Amazon and I thought I'd give it a go. Again I'm not far into it and I think I will reserve my judgement until I am finished..

Dexter Season 6: wow! wasn't quite expecting the twist with Deb and the final scene left me shouting at the tv NO!!! you can't leave me hanging ( but then I did read somewhere that Dexter had been picked up for 2 more seasons... so I am assuming things will work out???)

New Girl: OMG! this show is so much fun! Both Hubby & I watch this together and laugh ourselves silly.

Doctor Who Christmas Special: always good to see the Doctor again but why is it that the Christmas Special stories are never as good as the rest of the series? Maybe I should shut up and be grateful for any Doctor Who (and I am enjoying the re-runs they're showing at the moment too!) but the Christmas Specials always come off as a little corny. I will say though that Matt Smith has really grown on me, I'm loving his quirky geek chic! And the line "It's a Fez. Fez's are cool" ...only on him :)


Bridesmaids: you know what? It wasn't the kind of funny I thought it would be... don't get me wrong, it IS funny but I had expected to be peeing myself with laughter and instead I was finding I was kind of just saying out loud "haha that's funny". Still a good film though.

The Help: I love these kind of human spirit stories (you know what I mean?) and this movie made me cry... a lot! But a good kind of cry. I have put the book on my "to read" list.

Elf: I got this movie for the kids in the lead up to Christmas but found myself sitting watching and laughing with them... over and over again. I am not strictly a Will Ferrell fan but I love him in this.

Miracle on 34th Street (the 1994 remake): this was on tv one day and again I found myself watching it with the kids... I am a real sucker for Christmas movies. Love it :)

And that's me for now... still 3 1/2 weeks left of school hols... should be fun ;)

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shishyboo said...

Hi Jeanie! I am so sorry I accidently deleted your comment instead of hitting publish... me and my unresponsive mouse DOH!

but I managed a copy and paste:
jeanie has left a new comment on your post "December 2011":

I got "The Help" - both book and dvd - from my MIL for Christmas. I am looking forward to it, I intend to read it first and I am hoping the DVD isn't zoned incorrectly (she is in USA)

I also got Doc Martin Series One for Christmas - we then got Series Two and Three before the end of 2011 and have just gone out to purchase Series Four as we have really got into them!!

Glad you had a great time - so understand the need for your own bed.


Thanks for popping in. Enjoy the Doc Martin dvds... Martin Clunes is awesome :)