Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 2012


Well it is nice to say that I have gotten back on my horse since my last post. I'm not feeling quite so hurt and have applied for a couple of interesting things. It's a step in the right direction I guess though no one is beating down my door offering me my dream job just yet.

Still the point is I feel a bit better :)

March has been exhausting, the stress of my interview (both before and after) left me sleepless then my poor little Miss 3 had a nasty bug and I was up and down each night for a week with her fevers and coughing. Thankfully she's on the mend now.

I got really wound up and snarky ( my dear Hubby wasn't helping matters, I needed a shoulder and wasn't getting the support... I love him to bits but sometimes he doesn't have a flipping clue...grrrr) and I finally blew my stack... made my point and stomped off to bed... things improved after that.

I could still do with a bit more sleep though, the weather is changing here and there's lots of viruses etc going around and I'm paranoid that I'll catch something and end up with pneumonia like last year... it feels like I'm fighting off something right now so I've stocked up on Vitamin C and what not.

Hardly exciting news, sorry.

What was exciting though was that I became an Auntie for the second time! My little nephew was born just over a week ago, he was in a rush to enter the world and was born on the floor of my brother's garage... my brother had to deliver him (with emergency services talking him through it on the phone). Both my sis-inlaw and the little guy are ok thankfully :)

I've only been to visit once because of my little one being ill but I'm hoping we'll be right to visit again soon. He is a sweet little cherub :)

My housework has fallen by the wayside with all that's been going on at home and if I'm completely honest I just could not be arsed when I had a spare moment so some me time has been had... hurrah!


The Adventures of Tintin

I was not a great lover of the Tintin comics as a kid but knew enough to recognise the characters in the movie and I was curious to see what it was like. Sadly the movie itself didn't grab me at all.

Breaking Dawn

*sigh* my friend has a great saying "Dead cat on the road" and I reckon it's an accurate representation of how I feel about the whole Twilight franchise; I don't want to look but I find that I can't help myself. The nicest thing I can say about this movie was that (from what I can remember) it was true to the book. It was boring (just like the first half of the book). I do not have high hopes for the second part but I will watch it all the same. Meh meh meh

Friends With Benefits

Now this movie I liked! :)
It is lovely and funny and romantic and was just great! Justin Timberlake is fab (as is Mila Kunis)  who knew  he could be so funny? if you haven't already, go watch it!


Dark Matter Heart by Nathan Wrann

a teen vampire story but not what I expected. It was great! (not that I expected it not to be) it was straight forward and frank and logical. There was mystery and action... a little romance but told from a guy's perspective so not flowery and sickly. It ends on a clanger and it was hard not to move straight onto the next book in the series but I definitely will continue with the story.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Truthfully I had not heard about this book until the movie hype started up. I read a bit about it on wiki to see if it would appeal to me and hell yeah! it sounded great. Then I saw a preview of the movie and thought yep! gotta read the book before I see the movie.

And I loved it! What a brilliant story. I love the characters and the whole premise (even though the thought of it being possible is abhorrent to me). I developed a soft spot for Peeta, not that I'm buying into the whole Team Gale and Team Peeta thing, based on the first book alone. I've since started Catching Fire, the second in the series and am getting to know Gale a bit better now so I reserve the right to change my mind hehe,  but Peeta is so sweet, how can you not feel for him?

I also watched The Hunger Games film last week and again LOVED IT!!!! Absolutely loved everything about it... with the exception of the use of shaky camera scenes. Those scenes were not easy on the eyes and I don't think they did much to enhance the story. I was on the edge of my seat for much of the film and was nearly jumping out of my skin at some points, even though I knew what was coming next. I would love to watch it again but I might wait for the dvd.

I am looking forward to seeing the next film now :)

So that's my blurb for the month, I am going to try to post more often... hopefully.
Until then take care  xo xo xo

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