Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May 2012


I'm running a bit late, sorry. I got snowed under with all the stuff happening around here and well.. this is what's been going on

I always knew May was going to be a busy month. A close friend of mine had some major surgery and I have been helping her with whatever I could whether it was picking a few groceries up for her at the shops or doing the school drop offs and pick ups or taking her out when she got cabin fever.

I've loved being able to help and I know she would do the same for me in a heartbeat.

Also a couple of weeks ago my youngest brother moved over here from interstate because he got a fly in / fly out job at a mine. I'm so happy for him as these jobs are hard to get into (a case of who you know to get your foot in the door) and I love having him live close by.

He is my baby brother (13 years my junior) and he's moving out of home for the first time. It's massive for him as he's really very shy and quiet. And I have been trying to make his move as easy and stress free as possible for him, I just can't help myself so there may have been a bit of over the top sisterly love.

Add in helping my inlaws move house and my volunteering at school to help with costumes for a performance in July. I can't machine sew but I can do basic hand sewing and I know my way around a hot glue gun. And there really aren't many parents helping out when you consider there are 100 students in the production so how could I say no... especially when Miss 7 pipes up when her music teacher asks who's mum can sew???

So it's been busy! I've tried to keep up with the housework but only the bare basics have been done regularly. Now my home feels cluttered and chaotic and not a place where I can find the peace I am craving.

This past couple of weeks I've had a cold flu thing that's lingered on my chest. I've spent a lot of time worrying that it will travel and I'll end up with pneumonia like last year so I am pumping myself full of Vitamin C. It has slowed the bug but I'm struggling to be rid of it completely and I am so over it!

It's left me tired and feeling very low and like I've spread myself too thinly but I've not been able to stop and get myself right again. I've also been having a few self esteem issues... weight gain and the lack of success with my job hunting has taken it's toll.

This past week I've been on the verge of tears a lot, short tempered and craving solitude. Trouble is I'm just not getting it. I started to worry that this could be the beginnings of depression which terrifies me. I've tried to talk about it but I really feel that I'm not being heard by those around me. The Aussie "she'll be right mate" attitude makes it really difficult to be taken seriously... even by loved ones. It's just not a subject that's easy to talk about.

But I do have one friend who speaks very openly about her experiences with mental illness on her blog and she has helped me enormously in the last day or so. Her counsel has put my mind at ease and I think I am just exhausted and stressed rather than depressed.

That means in order to get out of this slump, more me time is needed. Stat! And as you'll see by the miserable number of reviews below... I didn't get much this month :(

Onwards and upwards I guess. I'm glad I've been able to recognise whats going on before it's gotten too bad but this is the worst it's been for a long long time.

Ok so not much to tell in the way of watching and reading but here goes...


Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief
this was on tv one night and the only reason I watched was because I love Greek mythology so I was curious to see what it would be like. I haven't read the book but the film came across as a bit lame and cheesy. It was ok but a bit childish :/

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
I loved this one! Love Robert Downey Jr. Love Jude Law. Love the clever way they tell the story. Love love love! Definitely as good as the first film.


The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks
I read this purely because I saw the trailer to the movie (of the same name) and wanted to read the book first. The premise of the story really intrigued me and I confess seeing a very grown up, well muscled Zac Efron didn't hurt either LOL. Sadly the book I found was quite slow and for the most part unremarkable and I was disappointed.
The film looks far more passionate and god I hope it's better! We shall see...

Thanks for being here, I hope I have more happy things to tell you next time x o x o

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