Friday, May 16, 2014

Bali Hi!

I promised I'd post and here it is my last full day in beautiful Bali and I am only just getting around to it.  I thought I'd do a lot of writing and reading posting but really when I haven't been out eating in lovely restaurants or drinking in a bar on the beach or shopping, I've been a potato on the couch, mostly watching Asia's version of channel V which is pretty much Asian pop with the odd western boy or girl band tossed into the mix.  It's been fun I assure you!

So we stayed in a villa, a different, smaller one than last year, in Seminyak.  We're close to shopping (every street has countless market stalls, massage places, restaurants and bars), there are minimarts everywhere for essential supplies and taxis drive by every minute or so.

I'm lucky in that Hubby likes to do a lot of research on places before we go so he has somewhat of a plan of what he wants to do when we get to where we're going.  I don't like to research and I'm happy to go along with what he's found out about places.  He knows what I'll like and so far he's never been too far wrong.

Apart from eating in nice places, my favourite thing to do in Bali is go to day spas.  Last year we found one we really liked, it wasn't dirt cheap like the street massage stores, it was more like the day spas we'd find at home but maybe a quarter of the price.  So I have enjoyed quite a few full body Balinese massages and one day I  had a 5 hour treatment which included a massage, body scrub, flower bath, foot spa, facial and hair treatment.  It was divine.  I floated right out of there and into a taxi home to the villa.

We found a Horror themed restaurant which has recently opened, Frankenstien's Laboratory.  It had a house band, The Monsters and a cabaret show with some very talented dancing Zombies.  It was brilliant!  They served cocktails in IV bags and shooters in large syringes.  It was so much fun :)

I also had a tarot reading in a quaint little restaurant that serves High Tea every afternoon.  Because the reading is only for 15 minutes (and is very difficult to book), the reader explained he wanted me to ask a specific question to get the best result in such a short  time span.  So I asked if I was heading in the right direction for my writing.  The short answer is yes, but to keep it as an enjoyable pastime instead of seeking financial gain from it.  Logically I guess anyone sensible would have told me the same thing and here I was paying someone to tell me commonsense but in the end, he said a few quite insightful things and I walked away happy so all good :)

Now I haven't posted any photos here but I invite you to like my little friend Captain Quack Sparrow, who has been travelling with me and Hubby and has his own facebook page full of our photos.  I will help him put up a little more detail on places etc for interests sake as we get a chance. Sadly we had to take down Captain Quack's page, when I get a chance I will pop up a few photos.

Ok so I might get back to my holiday, grab every scrap of relaxation I can before we head home to routines, screeching kids and work, work, work.

Will catch you later x o

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