Friday, July 8, 2011

a breakthough... maybe

a tiny glimmer of light shone for me this week re Miss 6 (almost 7) and her perplexing behaviour

this week she had a couple of really rotten days, she was rude, irrational and at times downright nasty. She was not acting like herself (even on a bad day) And it wasn't until I saw how she spoke to her friend that it dawned on me.... this is possibly a tween version of PMT*

then I thought back... almost to the day, one month ago she had another rough few days. She even took herself to the school office and asked to go home one day. The receptionist at school put her on the phone to me and it was clear what she was using as an excuse to go home (a sore foot) was not the issue but something on an emotional level.

So I have further research to do, I have got kids omega 3  fish oil and vitamins for her and hopefully we can at the very least try to alleviate her symptoms.

My guess is puberty is going to be a long and bumpy ride for all of us.

*yes she is only 6 (almost 7) but she is big for her age. And when I say big I mean tall and broad, she is not over weight. To look at her she could easily be mistaken for older.

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