Monday, February 16, 2015

fed up

I can't bring myself to pack anything

I'm fed up with house hunting

I'm wondering why we aren't just staying put in our teeny tiny house... oh yeah that would be why, it's teeny in the extreme.

the property market here is very slow, house prices are slumped which is good for buyers but sellers if they're smart are hanging onto their property.  There's not a lot out there to choose from.

I feel pressure from all sides to "just pick one".   My MIL is now talking about sacrificing some of the things on my "must have" list... I don't see why I should when it's my money I'm spending.  I don't think I'm being overly fussy. I just know that if I sacrifice some of the big deal things, for example a decent kitchen or patio, we won't have the money to put it in later... we'd be better off waiting to find the right house that ticks all our boxes.

If we don't find something soon we will have to rent until the right thing comes along.  I don't want to but bunking in with the oldies is not an option for anyone's sanity.

The search continues...

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