Monday, February 2, 2015

When did February happen?

oh man! it's been a while.

lots has happened.

we spent much of the lead up to christmas prepping our house for sale.  at one point it seemed like it would never be ready, it was so damned frustrating and stressful.

but we got there and our house was listed just over 2 weeks ago and just yesterday we accepted an offer!

now we have to find a place we like... we want to stay in our same area and there's not a lot that we like right now.  we're trying hard not to get caught up in rushing into finding a place, it's a big investment and the house we choose has to be perfect for our needs.  

anyway, the search continues...

what else?

well the house stuff has been almost all consuming and then it's been the summer school holidays so if I've not been at work I've been trying to keep my little peeps busy.  not an easy task, especially since I don't have a money tree out in the backyard.

but we survived,  sanity almost intact and they returned to school today.  i was clicking my heels together (figuratively speaking) all the way home after dropping them off in the morning.

I've been reading a lot, mainly erotic romance and I've got a list of to be read books a mile long.  Really looking forward to reading Seducing Destiny by Amelia Hutchins and the final 2 books in the Gypsy Brothers series and End Game by Kate McCarthy.  They're all sitting on my Kindle just waiting to get started :)

Oh and finally.... FINALLY!!!!!  I returned to my own book... the poor thing it's been neglected for a good 2 months.  I would love to say that 2015 is the year it is finished but I don't like to make resolutions and I rarely keep them.  Guess I will be happy if I can work on it on a regular basis and shape it into something I can feel proud of.

OK well that's enough of a catch up for today... thanks for popping by every now and then to see if I've updated... I notice and I appreciate it, I really do.

*kiss kiss*

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