Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the big clean up of 2010

wish this was a post full of proud boasting of how much I've done this last week, sadly it is not.

The whole family is reeling from the sudden change in routine now that we're back to school and here I was thinking how good I'd been getting Miss 5 back into routine in the last week of hols. No, nothing would have prepared us for how tiring full time school plus out of school activities (swimming lessons and ballet) would be.

I am going to bed at night with my head full of all the things I need to do the next day and it's keeping me up at night. I like to think I'm a relatively organised person and being organised is the only way to get through but I am still finding it quite trying and not a lot else other than the basics are getting done.

Add onto that my little Poss has had a temperature the last couple of days and my MIL also ill with pnuemonia, it's all a bit stressy.

So I haven't done much of the decluttering in the physical sense.... I have been thinking about it a lot, reading the notes by Peter Walsh on Oprah's website has definitely given me food for thought. More stuff to mull over in bed :(

All is not lost though.... feeling very unaccomplished today I thought I might tackle a shelf in my pantry, the top one... usually where all the tea / coffee making stuff goes, left over paper plates and other picnic / party stuff gets shoved after an event and where lollies often get hidden out of reach.

I discovered we have an obscene amount of candy canes.... none bought by us, Miss 5 is not keen on the minty ones but also struggles to finish the fruity flavoured ones and no one else touches them. The sheer volume of them makes me feel bad to bin them but if I can not find anyone else to take them that is where they'll go.

On that shelf alone, I tossed out a tonne of stuff and man it felt good! I think it's exactly what I needed to kick start me even if it was just a baby step.


The Brave said...

A note about the candy canes:
"bin! bin! bin! bin! bin!" ;)

shishyboo said...

my Hubby took them to his work hoping the Ed Dept might take them and I'm very glad to have them out of the house. Now to convince everyone not to buy the kids any next xmas

Anonymous said...

Bad news - you're not going to escape the candy canes. They get a kazillion every christmas as the token pressie in with the card from every second classmate.

I'm so sick of saving them, I've finally decided to bin them straight away. (Took me far too many years to make that decision!)

Baby steps with the decluttering is good. I really, REALLY should try that approach!

Hope Possum gets better quick. And your MIL.