Thursday, February 18, 2010

Guilty as charged

on my quest to de-clutter.... now tackling the computer desk (which is proving to be a monumental task!!!)... I have had to come to terms with how unorganised I can be for a person who considers herself a relatively organised person and how untidy I can be for a relatively neat person..... seriously I am ashamed :(

The computer area... a place I frequent everyday and can spend considerable hours is probably one of the worst problem areas in our household.... the dust I've let build up! the important papers overflowing from the in trays that I "will get to" but never do! and worst of the worst in my opinion.... the precious photos and memories I've let get mixed in with junk mail!!!

NOT. GOOD. AT. ALL!!!!!!

I have made it my mission to sort the desk and surrounding area out this week and not buy any "storage" containers etc until I have weeded out the unneccessary crap I have. I am forever stuffing crap into boxes and luring myself into a false sense of organisation. It's got to stop.

How I let it get this bad I don't know

And as I sort my sh!t out, I am chanting my new mantra (courtesy of Peter Walsh)

"Flat surfaces are not storage areas"

say it with me....

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