Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's like Oprah can read my mind

had a fantastic morning after dropping Miss 5 off to school, Baby Poss was ready for her morning nap and that gave me the opportunity to whizz around the house for a quick lap of surface tidying and cleaning the bathroom basin and tub. I figured that I could vac and mop tomorrow morning leaving my kid free Friday open for coffee out with a friend.

So that done and dinner in the slow cooker I sat down to catch up of a couple of favourite tv shows, The Big Bang Theory and Being Human over lunch while Poss cruised the furniture, she's not walking yet.... all she has to do is let go.... seriously.

Then Oprah was on and I am still quite partial to her show just not always able to sit down and watch it

Lo and Behold, it was a repeat of her series with Peter Walsh, organiser extraordinaire. Last year I saw the start of the series, Clean Up Your Messy House and loved it. Nothing like a declutter show to get me motivated.... (oh and as an aside this is where I got the clutter-bug name from, they had the cutest volkswagons named clutter-bugs)

So after watching today, I've gone and found the webiste and might just take up the challenge, anything to help keep me going

Clean up you messy house on Oprah the man has a plan so why try and invent the wheel?


Anonymous said...

We're Big Bang Theory fans here too!

I've been reading that link on decluttering, and trying to get up some inspiration!

shishyboo said...

I'm a big Sheldon fan :)
I highly recommend Being Human, I think it's on late night on ABC2 Thurs or Fridays, a british Vampire, werewolf, ghost film... nice and gritty with memorable characters... no soppy stuff

shishyboo said...

hang on I said film, it's not a film it's a tv series DOY!

The Brave said...

Glad Miss 5 is enjoying school. It so helps when they are willing and enthusiastic about this big new phase.