Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the grand plan for 2010

funnily enough I write this but find myself largely incapable of putting what I speak of into practice today... the reason being my cyclone of a 5 year old daughter is home from school (the first 2 days were half sized classes to help the kids get to know their way around and the teacher better and Miss 5's day was yesterday) but we're back into it tomorrow and I tell you we all can not wait.

A bear with a sore head does not adequately cover her mood today, people talk about discovering their inner child... well my child has discovered her inner crabby old biddy! And it's all stemming from having a taste of school and then not being able to go the next day.... we're halfway through the day so the end is in sight.... it can't come soon enough.

But getting onto my grand plan.... you see the name of my blog up the top there? well that it seems is a pretty accurate description of me.... I don't like to think of myself as a hoarder, I'm definitely not in the hoarding is an illness category but I do let things pile up. And I'm not the only one in this family that lets things pile up so when we all do it things get pretty congested in our small house pretty quickly.

And that's how our house is feeling at the moment..... very congested

We're talking clothes that the kids have outgrown and need weeding out of the cupboards to paperwork that needs filing or just plain needs throwing out to kitchen cupboards overflowing with stuff. The whole house needs going over and de-cluttering. And lets face it, it feels good to live simply.

So I've been asking myself the question (as I'm sure everyone has done at some point) if there was a fire what would I take? The answer I think proves how very little we need in the way of posessions and is a good starting point for my de-cluttering expedition.

In order to make my plan work, I already know I must take baby steps.... launching into some gungho chuck fest is all well and good but I have a tendency to conk out quickly so I need to be a tortoise and not a hare.

Also there are other components to my grand plan for 2010...

I'm still painting the house, about halfway there but in saying that I haven't painted anything since October last year. It's definitely time to get back into that!

And there is the garden to tackle, I want it tidy and as low maintenance as possible. We started last year with rippig out a lot of nasty ferns that looked awful and replacing with pebbles and potted plants, now to tame the driveway bushes.... they have never looked nice so I'm thinking I will cut them all back to try and give them some shape.

All this with a view to selling the house possibly next year.....

I'm looking forward to making some chages around here :)


Anonymous said...

I love the name Clutter Bug - wish I'd thought of that one!

You've achieved a lot more than me in the past 12 months! I'm in awe, actually!

The Brave said...

Good on you Shishy. I love a good organise and re-shuffle. It feels so good to have a big ole clear out of obselete crap and spruce things up.
Our garden is a dispairing sight, but we too have to finish painting before we can move on to that. All in good time.....