Saturday, February 27, 2010

The 'Puter Desk - Baby Step #2 or this procrastinator needed a kick in the butt

I have been a naughty little clutterbug, avoiding my responsibilities

so I set myself a deadline (like my new glass whiteboard for the kitchen? it's my new best friend aka 'to do list' $24.95 from IKEA)

My disaster area  computer desk -Before

A somewhat tidier After

OK so I have some filing to still do and a home to find for photos and other memorabilia but the desk looks a helluva lot better (right?). The filing cabinet contents is a task for another day when I have bought another paper shredder. At least now I can move onto to painting the walls (behind) and getting rid of that god awful curtain.


Michelle said...

Woo hoo!!!

Go Shish! *dances*

Anonymous said...

I could make you feel better and post a 'current' picture of my computer desk!

Like the glass whiteboard!